Data Privacy & Our Approach

As an Agricultural Technology Provider (ATP), KOMBA deeply values our customer relationships and recognizes the implicit and explicit trust our customers count on.  We understand how the information we provide to clients can improve their operational efficiency and sustainability efforts.  We are also aware of the value that other actors such as input suppliers and competitors place on farm operational data.

KOMBA is committed to preserving customer data privacy through a simple guarantee: 

  1. We won’t provide any of your information to anyone else unless you give us permission.
  2. You decide how to retain and store your data.  If you would like us to store your information for safekeeping, you will have access to your files anytime.
  3. We are happy to completely and transparently explain how we generate, analyze and store your data.

Our service principles are based on the American Farm Bureau Federation’s PRIVACY AND SECURITY PRINCIPLES FOR FARM DATA document.  

You will find our terms and conditions of service to be a welcome reprieve from the 40 page, fine print, devil’s-in-the details experience you may have reluctantly agreed to previously.