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Using our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with multispectral sensors, we generate crop health assessments on your fields. All imagery and prescription data is available for import and analysis with existing farm management systems. Our high resolution maps can be shared instantly or stored securely online.


Our software creates composite images such as NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) to reveal relative areas of crop stress and health. This information aids growers in crop scouting efforts by guiding staff and agronomists to exact locations where problems exist and provide a basis to estimate the overall growing conditions.


After processing the imagery, we offer variable rate prescriptions as a follow-on service for customers. Customers upload prescriptions directly to the onboard controllers in existing agricultural equipment. Utilizing a variable rate prescription improves application efficiency and focuses inputs for improved ROI.


Our customers utilizing precision agriculture methods and our high resolution imagery see measurable improvement in the sustainability of their operations. Prior to harvest, our aerial imagery is useful with variable rate desiccation efforts in soybeans, cotton and grain sorghum.

Komba is knowledge, insight, and precision.

Leading-edge multispectral imaging and UAV crop monitoring for the precision application of resources.


High resolution imagery and sensors capture data beyond the visible spectrum and offer unparalleled insight into plant vigor, nutrient uptake, drainage and more.

After processing the imagery, we identify areas of interest to investigate and apply farm resources – saving time and money.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this all legal?

We are in line to receive a Section 333 exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permitting commercial-use Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operations across the United States.  Our operation adheres to the conditions stipulated by the FAA for safe operations, including a licensed pilot, additional visual observer and all collection missions conducted under visual flight rules under 400’ altitude.

Are drones safe?

Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) certainly have garnered their share of media attention.  Public discourse is crucial to successfully integrating this technology not only into the U.S. airspace but also across industries such as production agriculture.  We operate a senseFly eBee Ag UAV – the most popular fixed-wing model approved by the FAA.

Is my data safe?

The imagery we collect and the analytic products created from the imagery are purchased by the customer as part of the standard service offering.  We are happy to store the information on our customer’s behalf.  We will not reproduce or distribute the information we collect to anyone. Ever.

What can this technology be utilized for?

Our technology is designed strictly for use in mapping for agricultural purposes.  The different sensors we use measure plant health and senescence which can be used to spot problem areas in your field and monitor physiological maturity.

How tangible are the yields?

Our goal is to be a low cost layer that factors into critical management decisions.  The imagery we produce can be analyzed to give growers a sense of how strong their crop is.  We can also provide a dollar amount cost savings achieved through the use of variable rate prescription created as a part of our imagery service.


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